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"MINICRIB" is a database of brief descriptions of Scottish Country Dances - the ideal aide memoire for your classes & socials. Look up Scottish Country Dance cribs, create lists of cribs, display and print cribs.

MiniCrib dance descriptions are available in several formats:
Microsoft Word template for Windows PC or Windows laptop

If you have an different word processor (such as Open Office or LibreOffice) the MiniCrib template will not work BUT you can still download the MiniCrib Crib Database ("book" of dance cribs) in .doc or pdf format which work with any word processor - just copy and paste selected dances into a new document.

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MiniCribs are also available on on 2 useful websites:
Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary
Scottish Country Dance Database


MiniCrib cribs are available FREE but in return please leave the MINICRIB footnote that appears on each page.  If composing your own recap sheets then please acknowledge the source e.g.

"This cribsheet was prepared from the 'MiniCrib' database minicrib.org.uk
or some similar text.

Thank you,
The MiniCrib Team


The MiniCrib Team prepare recaps with much care but errors can occur.  Please email us at minicrib@minicrib.org.uk  if you find a mistake - we will correct the recaps for release in the next issue of MiniCrib. 

MiniCrib recaps are intended to be BRIEF, ideally 1 line of recap = 8 bars of dancing (not always possible!)  Therefore MiniCrib recaps can never replace the detailed instructions carefully written and tested by skilled dance devisers.  When in doubt about a particular dance, it is always best to consult the original instructions in book / leaflet / or website form.

We advise that MiniCrib users check the MiniCrib website from time to time and always download and use the latest version. Remember - MiniCrib is free, so why use an out of date version?

Happy Dancing!
The MiniCrib Team

All cartoons Tony Milne 
(used here with permission ..... thank you to Tony)     

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