Frequently Asked Questions

When I open the zip file all I get is gobbledygook:

The MiniCrib files you download are .dot files (document templates for Word).  These are quite large files and so, to speed up the download process, they are “zipped” or compressed.  If you try to OPEN a zipped files you will indeed get gobbledygook!  Here is the process to follow:

1.    Select and download the version of MiniCrib you require    
       (eg Standard [] or Advanced [], etc)

Locate the zipped file you have just downloaded (eg in “downloads” look

Double click on the zip file – Windows 7 should then open another window
        showing the contents of the zip file – ie “”
.  If you have
        an earlier version of Windows which does not automatically "unzip" this type
       of  file you can download a utility to do this eg WinZip or 7-Zip (free)
“Drag & Drop” onto the desktop or alternatively “right
       click” on and select “Copy”, close all windows until you
       can see the Desktop , “right click” on a blank area of the Desktop and select

If you now “double click” on on the Desktop, Word
        Will start up with Minicrib on the screen.

If you prefer, you can download the "self extracting zip file" version of Minicrib   eg MinicribAdv24_xx.exe.  If you "double click" on this file, when downloaded, you will be asked to choose the destination for Minicrib - choose the "Desktop".  Your antivirus program or Windows may warn you about exe files - you will have to trust the MiniCrib Team if you want to use the "self extracting zip file" - we do try our best to check files for viruses (using Avast! anti-virus software)!

The Welcome page has appeared but there is no "Footprint" button on the toolbar:

The Toolbar needs refreshing or repositioning,

1.    Click View/Toolbars & deselect the Standard Toolbar.  
  Repeat & select the Standard Toolbar to refresh the Toolbar.  
  To reposition the Toolbar, go to the far left of the Standard Toolbar with the
       pointer until it changes into a double headed arrow & drag the Toolbar to the
One of these actions should cause the button to appear on the extreme left of the Standard Toolbar.
  Alternatively press Alt+X

On later versions of Word (eg Word 2010, Word 2013) you may need to click on the "Add-Ins" tab on the menu bar to bring up a new "box" with icons for all the tasks you expect, including the "footprints".  If you havve problems with this please email for more detailed instructions.

On clicking the Footprint button a window appears warning that the Macro has been disabled:

The Macros in Minicrib are very large & Microsoft system is suspicious of them.

1.  Clear the window & try again, alternatively press Alt+X.  
2.  If this results in the same warning the check your security settings by
3.  Click Tools/Macro/Security, set the security at Low
4.  If the warning still appears clear the box in "Trusted Sources".  
The Footprint button should now work OK.  (This Footprint button is a short cut for the following action – Tools/Autocorrect/Autotext.)

In the advanced version of Minicrib, after adding a dance, the new dance title does not appear in the "Choose Dance" window:

The list of dances has to be refreshed after adding dances and a special "Refresh" button appears in the window to enable the list to be re-catalogued. 
The button disappears when the list has been refreshed.

Will MiniCrib work with Windows 8 and Word 2013 (64 bit)?

Yes - MiniCrib advanced will work with all versions of Windows / Word from Word 2000 onwards

MiniCrib on the iPad?

It is really easy to download MiniCrib to the iPad if you have a suitable "app" installed on the iPad.  The best are either of the two below:
1.  iBook - available from iTunes Store (free)  
You need a (free) iTunes account, which you may already have, to download apps

2. Adobe Reader - also available from iTunes Store (free)
an iTunes account needed as for above

Once you have downloaded and installed the app you can use the iPad web browser (eg Safari) and  go to the MiniCrib "Downloads" page and click on the MiniCrib pdf link:  
for example, which should then open so you can read it.  Both iBook and Adobe Reader also give you the opportunity to Save the pdf so it is on your iPad and available to read and use without having a connection to the internet.

We hope this information is helpful.  Don't forget to let us know how you get
on - feedback is always appreciated.