MiniCrib Updates - December (version 27_09)

Additions to MiniCrib

FORTY AND COUNTING  (R8x40)  Malcolm Brown - Forty and Counting
FORTY SHADES OF GREY  (J3x40)  Moira Wood - Forty and Counting
THE ORCHARDS OF CO. ARMAGH  (S3x32)  Jinty Anderson - Belfast Platinum Anniversary
TOPSY TURVY  (S3x32)  Terry Glasspool
MAXWELL'S MIRROR  (R4x48)  Murray Kinloch - New Brunswick Collection
LADY CRAWFURD'S REEL  (J4x64) R J Crawfurd & Margaret Young
TIMEPIECE  (J8x32)  Gary Thomas - From the Redwood Forest
WEMYSS PLACE HORNPIPE  (R8x32)  John Drewry - Summer Collection
TONBRIDGE CASTLE  (J8x32)  Peter Knight - Rannoch Sheet 1
THE COLLINGWOOD OAKS  (S8x32)  Jen Woods - Dunedin Dances 6
THE LORD LIEUTENANT  (R8x32)  Mabel J Besant
THE HOY TENSOME  (R5x40)  Jessie Stuart
THE PATCHED BAGPIPE  (J4x32)  John W Mitchell - Whetherley Book 22
FAREWELL TO FORTY-NINE  (R8x32)  Bonn & Cologne SCD Groups 2015
MRS STEWART OF FISH HOEK  (S3x32)  Andrew Hodgson - Happy Blues (Pretoria 40th Anniversary)
Bob McMurty - Whisper of the Fyredragon
BE MY PARTNER  (S4x40)  ZoltŠn Graff - A Reel Goulash
THE WIFE SHE BREWED IT  (S4x32)  Hugh Foss - Four Dances (S L Gordon)
ANNE SMYTH  (J4x40)  Jim W Fleming - Four Dances (S L Gordon)
"TOURBILINK"  New figure - combining 1/2 Tourbillon & Set and Link

You can download details of the new cribs added here (Word document)
We are not publishing a list of all the crib changes this month as the resulting document would be excessively long (about 50 pages).