June 2019 (version 29_05)

Additions to MiniCrib

German Frolic  (S8x32)
Me And My Partner  (R4x32)
No Hands Dance  (J4x32)
The Old Fairy Bridge  (J8x40)
Short And Easy Dance For Six Couples  (R3x32)
The Wallflower  (S4x32)  (7 person set)
Twenty Candles For Iberia  (R96)

Isabel Neves
Isabel Monteiro
Fiona Pérez Peterkin
Malcolm Guild
Isabel Monteiro
Isabel Neves
Betty MacKenzie

Dances from the Iberian Commemorative Book - Iberian Peninsula SCD Group
Isobel's Flirty Fancy  (J4x32)
Billy's 65th Fling  (R8x40)
Kincorth Ceilidh Capers (R32)  Round the Room

Sheila Bain

Brian Johnson Lighthouse Keeper  (R3x32) Alison M Robertson & Peter Gellatly
Road To Rannoch  (Medley S64+R64) Helen Trattles - RSCDS Wirral
Mrs Annette Cameron (J8x32)
Alastair Fitzmaurice  (J4x32)
The Buchan Strathspey  (S8x24)
The Clifton Jig  (J4x32)
The Emerald Isle  (R8x32)
Five Arrows  (R10x48)
The Gunn's Rant  (R8x32)
Miss Jacquelyn James (R8x32)
Miss Siobhan's Fancy  (R8x32)
Miss Betty Stobbie  (S4x32)
Annette Cameron Book of Ten SCD 

Arthur Williamson