September 2019 (version 29_06)

Additions to MiniCrib

Bruce's Jig   (J8x32) Andrew Osbourne
A 100 Years Behind Us   (M-(S3x32+R3x32))  Jennie Hartley
Glenfiddich   (R4x32) Derek Haynes
An Intellectual Interlude   R5x32
John & Ruth's Ruby Wedding   (S80)
Ian Shepherd
Princess Margaret's Strathspey   (S8x48) Isobel Cramb
The Fair Maid of Perth   (S4x32) David M Robertson
Urquart Castle   (J8x40) Unknown
Indian Peter's Reel   (R8x32) John Bowie Dickson
Dunedin Book 3
Stonehaven Strathspey   (S3x32) Stonehaven Platinum Anniversary Book
Lochinver   (R8x32) Mervyn Short
"The Reel" (309)
The Mackenzie Reel   (R8x32) Helen Butler
"Another Newcastle Collection"
Christine's Diamond Reel   (R8x32) Peter Marshall
Jig Time   (J8x32)
Sue Meek's Strathspey  (S8x32)
May And Jim's Reel   (R8x32)
Sandra Mollinson's Jig   (J8x32)
Bill Meek's Jig   (J8x32)
Karen Hamilton's Strathspey   (S8x32)
Brisbane Glen   (S3x32)
John Henderson's Reel    (R8x32)
Horse Isle    (S3x32)
Dalgarven Mill   (R8x32)
Moira McInnes of Troon   (R8x32)
Marilyn Thomson's Jig   (J8x32)
"Jig Time 1"
John A Johnston

Young at Heart   (J8x32)
September in Skye   (S3x32)
Farewell to Portrush   (J8x32)
The Wardrobe   (R8x32)
Rainbow's End   (R8x32)
Bunker Hill   (J4x48)
A Glint in The Eye   (J4x32)
Snow in Summer   (S8x32)
Platinum Skies   (R8x32)
The Lonely Honeybee   (S3x32)
Comber Car Park   (S3x32)
Belfast Platinum Anniversary Book
The Piper's Reel   (J8x32)
The Lang Toon   (J8x32)
The Dandy Ninth   (R8x32)
Muckle Mair Than A' That  (R8x32)
Lads of Tain   (S8x32)
Miss Grace Hay's Delight   (J8x32)
Lady Belhaven's Delight   (R8x32)
Miss Scott's Strathspey   (S8x32)
Dances collected by Miss Jean Milligan