MiniCrib Updates - March 2019 (version 29_03)

Additions to MiniCrib

A Jig for Joan  (J5x40) Elizabeth Neill, 2017
Reels Aplenty  (S3x32)
Miss Mary Milne  (J8x32)
Tom Hall
Banchory SCD Club
Stephen Black of Banchory  (R8x32) Ann Farquhar
Banchory SCD Club
Kinnaid Head Strathspey  (S8x32) Johnston & Taylor
Mrs Walker of Birklands  (R8x32) Chris Walker, 2000
Happy and Glorious  (S4x32) Pauline Beeson
ISCA Royal Golden Jubilee
David's Double Trouble  (R5x32) David Quarrie
World Wide Weavings
The Whirlwind  (R8x32)
[Energetic version of "Windmills"]
David Haynes
Carnforth Collection 5
A Reel for Maria  (R8x40) Ellen McRanor
Suncoast Collection
April Fool Sue McKinnell
Peter Knight's Strathspey - Chivalric Celebrations  (S3x32) Lizzy Conder
The Caledonian Club Centenary Medley - (Caley 100)   Medley 4x(S16+R16) James Fairbairn
The Caledonian Club