The Dance Publications
Publications are listed in chronological order - i.e. in the order they were submitted by the dance devisers / groups for publication on the MiniCrib website.  So, please do scroll down to see all the titles.

"10th Anniversary Celebration Dances"

Herrington Scottish Country Dancing Group

The Bardill/Prince Collection of Dances

The Diamond Collection (5 person sets)


RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch
"BHS 9 for 2015"

RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch

The Keppie Dances

Duncan & Maggie Keppie

"The Snow Collection"

Hans Prade for the Strasbourg SCD Group

"Oh Canada"   5x32 Reel or Strathspey

Dorothy Hargreaves (North Vancouver)

"The Rocky Mountain Reel"  4x32 Reel 

"The Treasured Cove"   4x32 Strathspey

"Jiggles"  8x32 Jig   

Alan Cottle

"Millennium Wedding"  8x32 Reel

"St Andrews' Castle"    8x32 Reel 

"Stephen's Web"  S3x40

Wendy Carse

"The Road To Scurdie Ness"   4x40 Reel

Bob Harcus

"An t-Uibhisteach Tapaidh"
(The Agile Uistman)"  (J8x40) 

Gordon Thomson

"Lagavulin"    (S5x32)

Gordon Scott
Previously published on "Eight by Thirty-Two"

"3 Js Jig"   (J8x32)

Jill Burrows

"The Islands Set"  (3 dances)
"Pitlochry Celebration"  8x40 Jig
"Birlin' Sporrans"    8x40 Reel
"Where the Almond Meets the Tay"  4x32 Strathspey

Rosalind Morrison

The ASHMERG Collection of Scottish Country Dances

Dances devised by and for members of The ASHMERG Scottish Country Dance Group (Greater Manchester)

The Ian Shepherd Dance Collection 15 Scottish Country Dances devised by Ian Shepherd
The Golden Hills of Glen Orrin" Devised by Derek Darnell (Glen Orrin Dancers) for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Margaret & Norman Hill 2015

All dances published here remain the copyright of the respective dance authors.